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What is a pawn?

A Pawn is a short-term collateral loan. Cedar Post provides a quick, easy way to get a loan. Get the cash you need, when you need it, without any hassles. We loan money based on the loan value of the personal property brought in as collateral. For the duration of a loan, the pawned items are not for sale, or shown to the public; they are stored in a secured area or vault. Pawned merchandise will only be sold if payment is not made before the grace period expires.


Merchandise offered as collateral in a loan can range from DVDs and CDs, rare coins, guns and jewelry, and even vehicles, ATVS, and RV’s. Almost anything of value that we can take possession of is a candidate for a loan at Cedar Post.


  1. ✓ Bring in merchandise.

  2. ✓ Tell us how much you would like to borrow.

  3. ✓ We will evaluate the merchandise and discuss its loan value with you.

  4. ✓ We will explain your loan terms and options.

  5. ✓ Present a valid government issued photo ID

  6. ✓ Sign the pawn ticket, and collect your cash.


  1. ✓ Our loans are held for 30 days, and may be extended an additional 30 days by paying the finance charge.

  2. ✓ We only accept cash or cards ran as debit for pawn redemption.

  3. ✓ Minimum Loan amount of $10

  4. ✓ Our interest rates are 20% up to $1000 and 10% for loans $1000 and up.

  5. ✓ 10 day grace period on expired loans

  6. ✓ No limit to how many loans you can have at any given time.


Call (435) 586-3651 to request information about a quote.